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Are you a web designer? Do you want a free rebrandable license so you can set up an online demo on your own website -- with your own branding?

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SnippetMaster LITE is 100% FREE but you can upgrade to the PRO version if you want some extra features.

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Are you a web designer? Do you want a free rebrandable license so you can set up an online demo on your own website -- with your own branding?

There are two "versions" of SnippetMaster PRO:

  • REGULAR - You may NOT remove the copyright information and "Powered by" text at the bottom of every screen.
  • REBRANDABLE - You may remove the copyright and "Powered by" text at the top and bottom of every screen. The templates are completely brandable to your own company details. [More information on rebranding]

Name your own price!

SnippetMaster uses a hostname (domain name) licensing scheme. For example, if you want to use it on two seperate websites, then you'll need to purchase two licenses.

The suggested cost for purchasing a SnippetMaster PRO license is $24.95 for a regular license and $74.95 for a rebrandable license.

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Please note that I am only suggesting these prices. You may actually choose your own price, depending on how much you are able to pay. I really want SnippetMaster PRO to be affordable to everyone, so I'm willing to sell it for almost any price you can afford. (Free for non-profit organizations!) If you honestly can't afford the suggested price, then just send an email to and let me know your situation.

NOTE: If you can not afford the suggested price then you must send me a personal email with an explanation of your situation. I will not send you the program unless you explain why you can't afford such a reasonable cost.

Keep in mind that I've never seen a program with similar features offered for such a low price. Also consider that the development and support of SnippetMaster did (and does) take a lot of time and effort, and I really have a lot of bills to pay.

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All transactions are securely processed by PayPal.

Please make sure you are able to run SnippetMaster LITE without any problems before purchasing SnippetMaster PRO.

Thank you for supporting SnippetMaster,

Henri Straforelli


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