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SnippetMaster FAQ

If you have any questions about SnippetMaster that are not answered here, please feel free to visit the support forum and ask. I'm always happy to answer any questions!

Click here to view the documentation and manual for SnippetMaster.

Does the WYSIWYG visual editor work with CSS?

Yes! Any embedded or linked style sheets in the page being edited will be automatically "found" by SnippetMaster and made available during editing. Not only will all your CSS styles be available for selection from the "styles" toolbar menu, but the editor will actually display your page using the right styles.

With SnippetMaster, your web page editing is truly "What You See Is What You Get".

Can I have more than one "snippet" (editable area) per page?

Yes! You can have an unlimited number of Snippets (editable areas) on each web page. Every Snippet has its own name and Snippet Tag Attributes, so it's really easy to specify things like:

  • Which users have permission to edit the snippet
  • The height and width of the editor when editing the snippet
  • If you want the visual editor to be used... or perhaps just a plain old textbox?

Don't forget that there are different user privileges, too. So you can easily create users with the ability to edit ALL snippets in your website, or users who have only the ability to edit specific snippets. Nice!

Can I edit an entire file with SnippetMaster?

Yes! Any user with Admin or "Super" privileges can edit entire files. This is very useful if you want to restrict editing of Snippets to only certain users, but still want to allow other users to have the ability to edit entire files.

Does the WYSIWYG editor make proper XHTML compliant code?

Yes! In fact, you can easily turn this option on or off. If you prefer to have your website fully XHTML compliant, then just leave it on. If some of your web pages use non-standard HTML code, then you have the option to turn XHTML validation off.

You can even "define" your own set of validation rules!

Can I hide certain folders from my users? I don't want them to be confused...

Yes! SnippetMaster uses List Groups to define groups of folders that are specifically allowed or not allowed to be seen by the users when they are browsing for Snippets/files to edit, images to insert, or links to add.

You can create unlimited List Groups, and each user can be assigned to a different List Group.

Can I hide certain toolbar icons? I only want my users to have a few buttons...

Yes! You can use Editor Groups to create different sets of features for the visual editor. Each Editor Group can specify different toolbar options, default editor size, etc.

You can create unlimited Editor Groups, and each user can be assigned to a different Editor Group.

Does SnippetMaster work on a Windows web server?

Yes. SnippetMaster will work with any web server as long as it has PHP installed.

I get a "permissions denied" message when trying to save. What's wrong?

Be sure the file permissions for the web page you are editing are set to allow write capabilities for the "nobody" user. Typically, this will involve chmoding your web pages to 666 or 777.

If you don't know how to do this, your web host should be able to do it for you in a few seconds. Just tell them you need to have "write permissions" for [insert filename here].

I can see all the folders for my website, but no files ever appear in the files drop-down menu.

SnippetMaster will only display files with Snippets in the selection drop down list if the files have the correct Snippet opening and closing tags. If a file does not have any Snippet Tags, or if the tags are invalid or not in pairs, then the file will NOT appear in the drop-down list.

No text is showing up in the WYSIWYG editor. What's wrong?

Be sure to place the Snippet Tags in the pages you want your client to edit. This will tell the SnippetMaster what areas of the code is editable and what is not.

<!-- #BeginSnippet name="Name the snippet here" -->

        Editable HTML goes between the snippet tags ...

<!-- #EndSnippet -->

I'd like to be able to create a new page from within SnippetMaster. How can I do this?

SnippetMaster was designed to be an online WYSIWYG editor for existing web pages. If you need to create a new page, then you'll have to ask your designer or use an offline editor like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, notepad, etc and then upload the page to your web server.


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