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Are you a web designer? Do you want a free rebrandable license so you can set up an online demo on your own website -- with your own branding?

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Installation & Use - How It Works


Web Browser

SnippetMaster works with all major browsers, including Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and even Opera 9. SnippetMaster also works with most browsers on the MAC operating system. (Firefox is preferred.)

Web Server

PHP 4.3 or higher with Ioncube Support

Instructions & Documentation

Installation of SnippetMaster is fast and easy with the amazing Auto-Installer.

There is complete documentation included with SnippetMaster, and I am always available by email or in the forums if you have any questions or need help with anything.

How to use SnippetMaster

There are two ways you can use SnippetMaster to manage your web page content.

Method 1 - Editable Areas (Snippets)

You simply place "Snippet Tags" around the html code you want to be editable. (This editable region is called a "Snippet".) You can specify an unlimited number of Snippets for each page, and you can even specify a list of users that have permission to edit each Snippet.

This method of content management works great if you just want to restrict content editing to only specific portions of your web pages or if you don't want your users to mess up the rest of the web page.

Each Snippet can have a list of "attributes". You can easily specify a list of users who are allowed to edit the Snippet, desired editor width/height, etc. (ie: Perhaps you might want this snippet to just be editable with a normal textbox!)

Method 2 - Edit Whole File

With SnippetMaster, you will also have the ability to edit entire files using either the visual editor or a plain old textbox. (You can even switch back and forth in "real-time"!) Just login, navigate to the file you want to edit, and select the "edit whole file" option. Bingo, you can now edit the entire file.

(Don't worry, only users with Admin or Super User privileges are able to edit whole files.)


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