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Feature Comparison of
SnippetMaster LITE -vs- PRO

** You can download and use SnippetMaster LITE absolutely free. There is no license requirement of any kind to use the free LITE version. It's great software -- and yes, it really is free!  :)

SnippetMaster LITE does not include some of the nice features available in SnippetMaster PRO. Here is a comparison table to show the differences between LITE and PRO versions.

Feature Description SnippetMaster
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Preview Changes While Editing
Users can click a "Preview" button and then see what the page they are editing will look like before saving.

Number Of Users
There are four user privilege types, which may be used to limit user access to files and snippets.

1 User For
Each User Type

Upload File Capability
Users can easily upload files to any destination folder specified by their associated Upload Group


Number Of Upload Groups
Each Upload Group can contain multiple destination folder locations, max file size, file types, etc.

(You can assign any Upload Group to any user.)

1 Unlimited

Number Of Editor Groups
Editor Groups specify the visual editor settings such as default size,allowed toolbar icons, etc.

(You may assign any Upload Group to any user.)

May not
be modified

Number Of List Groups
Each List Group contain include/exclude folder lists that can be used when browsing for editable files, images, and links.

(You may assign any Upload Group to any user.)


Exclude/Include Folders (Images Or Links)
Ability to specify a list of folders to either include or exclude from appearing in the WYSIWYG browse list when adding/editing a link or image. (Each has their own list that can be set to exclude or include.)

Simple Language Selection
All available languages are displayed for selection on the login page. You may also specify a default language for each user and for the entire program.
Change Program Name
You can easily change the program name from "SnippetMaster" to anything you like.

Note: The Rebrandable version of SnippetMaster PRO also allows you to remove or change the "powered by" and copyright notice at the top and bottom of each page.

Specify Snippet Tag Attributes
Each Snippet Tag can contain "attributes" to specify per snippet (editable area) settings such as editor width and height or perhaps if you want to use a plain textbox instead of the visual editor.

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