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Are you a web designer? Do you want a free rebrandable license so you can set up an online demo on your own website -- with your own branding?

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Free SnippetMaster PRO License
For Non-Profit Organizations

Are You A Non-Profit Organization?

I believe in helping others, and I think SnippetMaster can be a great benefit to many non-profit organizations who want a nice simple tool to manage their website content.

If you would like a FREE license of SnippetMaster PRO for your non-profit organization, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go through the order process for the special free non-profit license.

  2. Send me an email () with the following information:
    • Your order number
    • The email address for your account signup during the order process.
    • Your non-profit website address
    • A little bit about your organization. (Who are you? What do you do?)

Note: Your free SnippetMaster PRO license will not be approved unless I receive your email with the information above. (Your order is automatically placed in "pending approval" status and no license will be created until I receive your email and approve your order.)

Your website MUST be a not-for-profit organization.


Henri Straforelli


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