Upgrading From A Previous Version

If you are currently using SnippetMaster version 1.x and you want to upgrade to the latest version (2.x), then here are the instructions.

Backup your existing config.inc.php file

The first thing you should do is log into your web server and make a backup of your /snippetmaster/includes/config.inc.php file. Save this file to your computer and keep it safe. You shouldn't need it for anything, but it will be handy as a reference when you're setting up all the options in the new Admin Area.

Backup ALL files

  1. Make a backup of your entire /snippetmaster folder. If you're using some kind of hosting control panel, then you might need to backup your entire account. Whatever you need to do.. do it now so that you have a backup of your existing installation. This is a "just in case" safety precaution.

OK, now lets get started.

  1. Using your FTP program, log into your web server and rename your existing /snippetmaster folder to something else. (ie: /snippetmaster-old) Once the new version is installed and you are happy with how it works, then you can delete this folder.

    Note: The new version is significantly different then the old version, and none of the old program files are used. Once you are happy with how the new version is working, you can delete the old version -- it is no longer needed.
  2. Go through the Getting Started steps.
  3. Go through the Install Wizard.
  4. Now comes the hard part. Normally, new users would be instructed to start adding snippet tags to their files. However, you already have snippet tags in your files...

    ... the problem is that they are no longer correct.

The Snippet Tag System Has Changed

Every file that currently has snippet tags will need to be changed. The old method of specifying the "snippet" of text that is to be editable is now different. Unfortunately, this major change was required in order to make the snippet tags fully HTML standards compliant and work with all browsers and webpage editors.

Please take a few minutes to visit the Basic Configuration page and the Advanced Snippet Tag Attributes page for details on how the new snippet tags work.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Change any occurance of:

    <snippet name="snippet name">




    <!-- #BeginSnippet name="snippet name" -->
  2. Change any occurance of:



    <!-- #EndSnippet -->

If you only have a few files, then I encourage you to make these required changes manually. However, if you have many snippet files, then you might want to use an automated "search & replace" utility to make the changes for you.