Installation Step 2 - Install Wizard

Use your web browser to access SnippetMaster and the Install Wizard will automatically start: = your own domain name
snippetmaster = the name of the program folder where the SnippetMaster files are located

Note: If the install wizard does not automatically start (ie: If you see a server error or get an ioncube encoder error), then you should go back to the Getting Started section and make sure you did everything correctly. If you get stuck and need help please go here.

[ Click here for information about the Ioncube encoding system. ]

Depending on your web server configuration, the install wizard might ask you to create some folders or adjust certain file/folder permissions. The install wizard will walk you through any necessary steps.

What's Next?

  1. Once the wizard is finished, you will be brought to the login page where you can log in and visit the Admin Area to configure program settings, create new users, add list groups, upload groups, turn on/off editor icons, etc.
  2. After you have configured the program to work how you want, you can start adding the Snippet Tags if you want to designate only certain areas of your files to be editable by your clients.

Need help?

Each option or value in the install wizard has a ? (question mark icon) beside it. If you need help with anything, just roll your mouse over (or click) the icon and a popup will appear to explain the details of the option/value.