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Welcome to the SnippetMaster Content Editor Demo. This page shows some of the features of the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Please feel free to edit the content here. The only thing, that has been disabled in this demo is the ability to save your changes.

Multiple Users - with different privileges!

You can have unlimited users with SnippetMaster, and each user can be assigned Admin, Power User, or just "regular" privileges. You can also easily limit which users should have the ability to edit any snippet! For example, Admin users can edit this entire file, but the snippet within this file may only be edited by:

  • users with "Admin" rights
  • users with "Power User" rights
  • users who are listed in the Users access list in the Snippet Tag, like this:

< !-- #BeginSnippet name="Main Content" users="user1" -->

Text Formatting

Format your text with a number of different text formatting options. To format text select the text and press one of the text formatting buttons in the toolbar.

Text Colour
  • Bulleted
    1. Indented
    2. Numbered
    • Strikethrough
  • Colored background


Styles from your own CSS style sheets can easily be applied to your content. Any linked CSS files or embedded styles in the page being edited will automatically appear in the Styles drop-down list. To apply a style, just select some content and then select the desired style from the Styles drop-down.
"This style is called citation."


There are 4 different alignments available. Just select the element (ie: text or image) you wish to align and then choose between Justify Left, Justify Middle, Justify Right and Justify Full.

Justify Left
Justify Middle
Justify Right

Justify Full Justify Full Justify Justify Full Justify Full Justify Full.

Spellchecking (Coming soon!)

The editor supports spell checking in many different languages. To check spelling, just press the Check Spelling button. Simple!

Text Paste (Even From MS Word!)

Text that is copied and pasted from different applications will work just fine in the editor. You can even copy from MS Word! 


To insert or edit hyperlinks, just select the Insert Link button. A new window will open and you can visually navigate through the folders of your website to find the desired link. (If desired, the administrator can exclude or include specific folder from being seen by the users.)

Images (and soon.. Flash Files!)

To insert or edit images, just click on the image (or place the cursur where it should be inserted) and then click the image button in the toolbar. A new window will popup and you can visually navigate through the folders and files of your website to find the image. (If desired, the administrator can exclude or include specific folder from being seen by the users.)

Try it now! You can modify the picture below by clicking on it (to "select it") and then clicking the Insert/edit image toolbar icon.

This is an example image.


To insert a table click on the Insert Table button. To edit a table place the cursor in the table and select the Table Properties button. There are various other buttons to assist in editing tables, too.

Table Caption
Header Row Column 1 Column 2
Row 1 a b
Row 2 c d
Row 3 e f
Footer Row a+c+e b+d+f

Special Characters

You can easily insert special characters that are not available on your keyboard. Just click the "Insert Custom Character" button and then select the desired character from the popup window.

α - alfa
β - beta
γ - gamma 
- Euro 

Editor Groups 

Let's say you prefer the toolbar to only have bold/italics/underline buttons. Or perhaps you don't want it to be resizable. Or maybe you only want to give the "html" button to a few select users? No problem!
You can easily create unlimited Editor Groups -- each with its own settings, defaults, and toolbar preferences. You can then assign any Editor Group to any user.


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