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June 22, 2015, 05:40:18 PM
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Author Topic: Version 2 Changes - a list of new features and functionality for the new version  (Read 19039 times)
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[-] Version 2 Changes - a list of new features and functionality for the new version
« on: November 12, 2005, 09:16:16 AM »

Note: This is a partial listing of new features and functionality in the new version of SnippetMaster. 

Please be sure to read the documentation for details about each new feature.


  • XHTML COMPLIANT SNIPPET TAGS. ** This is a major change. ** The snippet tag system now is now xhtml standards compliant and uses HTML comments instead of pseudo-HTML tags. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you MUST modify every page that contains the old snippet tags. Please be sure to read the upgrade documentation for details.

  • MULTIPLE SNIPPETS ON ONE PAGE. You can now easily make unlimited editable snippets on the same page. (Note: With the ability to now have multiple snippets on a single page, it is mandatory to give each snippet a name. A #BeginSnippet tag without a valid name will not be recognized.)

  • MULITPLE USERS! SnippetMaster now supports unlimited users. Each user can have their own "starting folder", so you can limit any user to only certain folders of your website. You can also assign certain permissions to each user (admin permissions, power user permissions, etc.)  When you create a snippet, you can specifically determine which users will be allowed to edit that snippet.

  • CROSS-BROWSER XHTML COMPLIANT VISUAL EDITOR. SnippetMaster now uses the the tinyMCE wysiwyg editor. It is xhtml standards compliant and works with all the major browsers including IE, Firefox, Mozilla, etc... It also works on the MAC operating system!

  • AUTOMATIC CSS RECOGNITION. Snippetmaster will now automatically find all linked and embedded styles in the page being edited and make them available in the wysiwyg editor.

  • EDIT ENTIRE FILES. Users with Admin or Super User priviledges can edit an *entire* file, even if there are no snippets in the file.

  • ADMINISTRATION AREA. All configuration and settings of SnippetMaster are now accessible using the online administration area. No more editing of config files!

  • USER PRIVILEGES.   There are four types of users. Admin, Super, Power, and Normal. Each user type has different privileges to edit whole files, snippets, access the admin area, etc. 

  • LIST GROUPS. You now have the ability to specify lists of folders to include or exclude from appearing in the WYSIWYG browse list or when adding/editing a link or image. For example, you could create a list group that has certain folders hidden when browsing for images and other folders displayed when browsing for links.  Each user can be assigned to a unique list group.

  • EDITOR GROUPS. You can specify different sets of features for the wysiwyg editor that can then be assigned to your users. So if you want some users to only see the "bold" and "italics" icons in the toolbar, this is now easy to accomplish. Each user can be assigned to a unique editor group.

  • ONLINE INSTALLATION WIZARD. It is now easy to install SnippetMaster. No more trying to find the right "path"!  Just upload the files and go through the simple online installation wizard. No need to play around with any "config" files!

  • ABILITY TO SET WIDTH/HEIGHT FOR EACH SNIPPET. Normally, the Editor Group for the current user specifies the default height/width valus for the editor windows.  However, you can easily use the "height" or "width" attributes in the Snippet Tag to give any snippet a different value. For example, if you know a certain snippet will only have a few lines of text, you can easily set the height for *that snippet only* to 100 pixels!

  • IMAGES NOW WORK INSIDE EDITOR. Every image that is linked to the page being edited will now work. No more red X's!


  • DEMONSTRATION MODE. Useful for anyone who wants to install a fully working demo of SnippetMaster on their website, but doesn't want their customers to be able to save file changes.
  • You can choose if you want the editor to use relative or absolute URLs.
  • Added ability to upload files without opening the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Added support for a list of "editable file types". Only files in this list will be allowed for editing.
  • Works with PHP safe mode turned on... and PHP 5.
  • Added support for Apache 2.
  • Added a check to make sure file was not modified by someone else while user was editing.  An error will be displayed if current timestamp is newer then timestamp taken when file was opened for editing.
  • Improved file upload system so that it checks to see if the uploaded file is readable.  If not, it tries to give proper permissions to the new file.
  • Changed upload system so that valid file extensions are now case insensitive.
  • Major code cleanup to make things faster and more effecient.
  • Added ability to support unlimited number of websites on a single server with one license key. Contact me if you're interested in using SnippetMaster PRO for an unlimited number of sites on one server.
  • Login form cursor goes to username box automatically.
  • Removed debug system since it was useless and just added clutter to my life.
  • Removed ability for admin to disable authentication. Since some settings are now user-specific, we MUST have a user login to use the program.
  • Added automatic session expiry if no action has been taken within a certain duration.  This is for improved security since many users use the program on a shared computer and forget to logout!
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[-] Re: 2.0 Changelog - a list of new features and functionality for the new version
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2006, 04:31:34 AM »

The new TinyMCE wysiwyg editor is excellent
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