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Title: FAQ for the New Version
Post by: admin on April 19, 2006, 06:35:04 PM
COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS... about the new version (v2)

Q. Are there any known problems with the new version?

A. There are no known problems.  If you find anything that does not work, please be sure to report it here in the forums.


Q. Why is the "new" design so ugly?

A. Mostly, this is because I am a programmer and not a graphic designer. Eventually, I might hire a graphic designer to work on the templates and develop a better layout and design.  I realize that there are MUCH better ways to organize things and make things look better, but for now I am mostly concerned about adding additional functionality and making this work better.

If you are a graphic designer, please feel free to contact me with your ideas about how to make the design/layout better.

(One thing already on the "roadmap" is a new system to find and select files/snippets. I intend to make this area more like Windows Explorer -- with collapsable folders and files.)


Q. Can I use my old License Key with SnippetMaster version 2?

A. No. The system of licensing for SnippetMaster v2 is completely different. You will need to exchange your old license for a new license. See the instructions for exchanging your old license here. (


Q. The source code is encrypted! What's up with that?

A. Two words: "Pirated Software" and "Need Money".   Ok, so that was four words... ;-) 

I recently quit my "real" job and have decided to concentrate a lot of my time and effort on the SnippetMaster software. (You can expect much faster development from now on!)  My goal is to build SnippetMaster into something that I can make a living from.  Thus.. I need to protect my only asset (the program source code) from the dishonest people who seem to enjoy stealing from me. (Or worse, steal from me and then try to compete against me with my own program!)

Unfortunately, encrypting the source code was a necessity in order to guarantee the ability to keep the SnippetMaster source code safe from the pirates... and thus give me the the ability to feed my family.  I appreciate your understanding.


Q. I want the ability to edit/change ALL the templates -- not just the header and footer.

A. I'm afraid that isn't going to be possible for a while longer. I tried to make the system as "flexible" as possible, however I'm afraid it just isn't possible right now for me to "open up" the middle template for editing. Eventually, I am hoping to allow this... but it will not be for a while. (ie: Until after a new design/layout is finished and I have seperated the "program code" from the "presentation code".)

As a side note, it IS possible to change all the colors and some styles. See the documentation for details. (


Q. Is there a way I can automatically upgrade all the "snippet tags" in my files to use the new tag format?

A. No. Unfortunately this is a manual process.  I did have an automated convertor, but it was too unreliable to use... and I didn't want even a small change of messing up your live website files!

If you have many files, I recommend using a good text editor (like or and using the "search/replace" feature across multiple file.


Q. What will happen to the old SnippetMaster version 1?

A. Well, to be honest.. Microsoft has recently sealed the fate of the old version. As many of you know, the last "automatic update" for internet Explorer effectively disabled the editor in the old version. It is for this reason that I will no longer be supporting the old version of SnippetMaster.  (I can't fight Microsoft.)


Q. Will you still offer a free LITE version?

A. Yes! I believe in free software that is highly useful. I intend to always have a free version available that meets the needs of most users.


Q. Is the price for the PRO version going to go up?

A. I don't know yet. The current pricing is very affordable, compared to other similar products on the market... but now that I am relying on the SnippetMaster software as a bigger part of my income I will need to seriously evaluate the pricing structure.  My objective is to always keep SnippetMaster as an affordable solution to everyone, and the pricing will always be negotiable to anyone who honestly can't afford it.  (And it will always be free for non-profit organizations!)