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Title: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the beta and new version
Post by: admin on October 09, 2005, 03:23:59 PM
COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS... about the beta release and new version

Q. Are there any known problems with the BETA version?

A. There are no major problems.  However there are one or two minor (not urgent) issues that I am working on fixing. You can see the list here (,702.0.html).


Q. Why is the "new" design so ugly?

A. Mostly, this is because I am a programmer and not a graphic designer. Once the new version is completely bug-free, I will be hiring a graphic designer to work on the templates and develop a better layout and design. I realize that there are MUCH better ways to organize things and make things look better, but for now I am mostly concerned about functionality and whether everything "works" or not.

If you are a graphic designer, please feel free to contact me with your ideas about how to make the design/layout better.


Q. Can I use the BETA software to edit "live" webpages on my website?

A. No. I do NOT recommend using any BETA releases to edit your production webpages. BETA releases of the software are expected to be fairly stable... but they also *might* contain serious bugs that could destroy your files. If you insist on using this beta release in a live production environment, then I HIGHLY recommend making a daily backup of all your files. Just in case...


Q. Can I use my current License Key with SnippetMaster version 2?

A. No. The system of licensing is now completely different. You will need to register for a new license. Please see the instructions for registration of a BETA license here (,688.0.html").


Q. The source code is encrypted! What's up with that?

A. Two words: "Pirated Software" and "Need Money". Ok, so that was four words... ;-)

I recently quit my "real" job and have decided to concentrate a lot of my time and effort on the SnippetMaster software. (You can expect much faster development from now on!) My goal is to build SnippetMaster into something that I can make a living from. Thus.. I need to protect my only asset (the program source code) from the dishonest people who seem to enjoy stealing from me. (Or worse, steal from me and then try to compete against me with my own program!)

Unfortunately, encrypting the source code was a necessity in order to guarantee the ability to keep the SnippetMaster source code safe from the pirates... and thus give me the the ability to feed my family. I appreciate your understanding.


Q. I want the ability to edit/change ALL the templates -- not just the header and footer.

A. I'm afraid that isn't going to be possible for a while longer. I tried to make the system as "flexible" as possible, however I'm afraid it just isn't possible right now for me to "open up" the middle template for editing. Eventually, I am hoping to allow this... but it will not be for a while. (ie: Until after the new design/layout is finished and I have seperated the "program code" from the "presentation code".)

As a side note, it IS possible to change all the colors and some styles by editing the styles.css file in the "/templates" folder.


Q. Will my BETA license continue to work once SnippetMaster version 2 is released?

A. No. Once the final version is released, all BETA licenses will stop working. However.. I everyone who participated in the BETA testing process will receive a FREE license of SnippetMaster PRO (reseller version). The free license will be automatically added to your client area account once testing is completed.


Q. Is there a way I can automatically upgrade all the "snippet tags" in my files to use the new tag format?

A. Not yet. For now, you must do this manually. If you have many files, I recommend using a good text editor (like or and using the "search/replace" feature across multiple file. I might also create an upgrade utility that can search your entire site for old snippet tags and replace them with the new format. However.. this is not a hgh priority at the moment. If you have a lot of files and would like to see such a utility -- please contact me.


Q. Does the BETA version contain all the final version features?

A. No, the final version will probably contain a few extra features that I am still working on now. Additionally, my goal is to develop SnippetMaster into a great piece of software that meets everyone's needs.. thus, I am certainly interested to hear about any suggestions, improvements, and feature requests you have.


Q. What will happen to the old SnippetMaster version 1?

A. Once version 2 is released as a stable version, I will begin the "closure" of support for version 1. I will make an announcement about how support for version 1 will be "phased out" over a period of time.


Q. Will you still offer a free LITE version?

A. Yes. I believe in free software that is highly useful. I intend to always have a free version available that meets the needs of most users.


Q. Is the price for the PRO version going to go up?

A. I don't know yet. The current pricing is very affordable, compared to other similar products on the market... but now that I am relying on the SnippetMaster software as a bigger part of my income I will need to seriously evaluate the pricing structure. My objective is to always keep SnippetMaster as an affordable solution to everyone, and the pricing will always be negotiable to anyone who honestly can't afford it. (And it will always be free for non-profit organizations!)


Q. When will SnippetMaster version 2 be suitable for use on my live production website files?

A. Once BETA testing is completed and I have released a fully stable version to the public... then it will be suitable for live production use.


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