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Title: Styling
Post by: Michael N. Scully on January 30, 2018, 05:08:10 PM
So, in previous reviews, you might remember how I said that I wasn’t going to add the Pandora Charms UK Christmas ( Koinobori murano to my CNY-themed bracelet, as I was happy with having just the two murano beads in the centre – and that, in any case, I was enjoying adding beads more gradually to this design. Well – fast forward two months – I have, and it’s full! In a way, I think it’s refreshing how reliably I break every single Pandora rule I make for myself.

Pandora Charms UK Sale Christmas ( I had originally ordered the Koinobori and the Red Twinkle glass muranos to add to my red leather bracelet as a secondary CNY design to wear with my main bracelet. However, when I actually received them, I realised that they didn’t really match in colour at all. This is a picture from my friend in the US, who helped me to get them from the US eStore sale. You’d think, from the stock images, that they’d go well together, but they’re quite different:

Cheap Pandora Charms Christmas ( Consequently I decided to try the Koinobori with the red Disney Snow White murano instead, which I had previously purchased for a Christmas bangle design. This was a better match, but still not a perfect one. So I decided to put them on my main bracelet, where I could space them out a little more. I think that this works well, and I’m really happy with the finished thing for now.The only thing left to get is a safety chain! And then I still have my red leather bracelet if I want to get any of the future CNY releases (which, let’s face it, I will!)