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Title: Many Thanks Henri......
Post by: Charon9 on December 18, 2006, 08:37:32 PM
Hey all & Henri,

When I first spoke to Henri, I was tempted to drop right over here and write a generic thanks for great software and all that yada.  But in all truth Henri seems to be such a nice guy that I didn't want to cheat him by saying something like that when I had not even gotten the software installed yet. So I decided to wait, and I'm glad I did.

Background info here:
I got talked into developing a website for a non-profit group, these are great folks that would have trouble changing a mouse in most cases so we needed something that they could use to keep the site information up to date. 
I started looking around for free PHP based online content editors, and there were a few around.  Snippet was rated pretty high so I read through it all and then checked a few other providers.  Snippet seemed like the right choice for them, the only question was would they qualify for the non-profit group.  (I had to have all the software setup before we started, so I E-Mailed Henri).

I shot Henri an E-Mail and he responded very quickly - this was impressive.  Then add to this that it was a personal E-Mail and not some boilerplate stamped thing.  Although we sure did not chat much, I did get the feeling that he is not doing this to get rich, but if he makes a dollar he is good with that too.  In either case he qualified the site for the Non-Profit license (No, they still have not said I can release that info / sorry Henri).

Well the site is up, it is a skeleton at this point, but we have the DNS running and I started installing everything they needed, second on this list was Snippetmaster (FYI- Don't use the "Manual" hard way, unless you just really need to know what is going on - I think it is a bit more advanced than Henri lets on even)..  So I got it all installed and setup a couple of test pages, admin levels and groups to see if I could break things (I am GOOD at that)..  The software worked flawlessly. It is just about as simple as it can be, and it does not give them a lot of room for making big mistakes.

I looked at other programs out there for doing this, and there is nothing out there that has this kind of abilities, with such a simple setup and ease of control.
Simply said you cannot beat this software for what it does, how it does it, how easy it is to set it all up, and even at full price it is more than worth it.

Thank you Henri - and keep up the great work!