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Title: SnippetMaster reviews and ratings are needed
Post by: admin on August 30, 2002, 11:37:22 AM
Hi everyone,

Well, so far I've received some great feedback from you, and there have been a lot of downloads!  SnippetMaster is a success. Yippee!  :mrgreen:

SnippetMaster LITE is offered free of charge, because I'm such a nice guy.  :D  However, you still can help me out!

If you're using snippmaster LITE to make money (ie: charging your clients, etc..) then please take a peek at SnippetMaster PRO purchase page (

If you prefer not to purchase the PRO version, then could you write a nice review or rate the script?  (Or both?) review page:
  • Click the Reviews/Ratings tab, and then click the Add/Edit Your Review link.
  • You will need to create a free account at before you can post your review. rating page: rating and review page:
(Close to the bottom of the page)

** If you arrived at the SnippetMaster website by linking through from another script search website, please be sure to go back and rank SnippetMaster or write a review at that website. That would be very helpful, thanks!

Thanks everyone!