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Author Topic: FAQ for the New Version  (Read 6562 times)
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[-] FAQ for the New Version
« on: April 19, 2006, 06:35:04 PM »

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS... about the new version (v2)

Q. Are there any known problems with the new version?

A.<Q. Why is the "new" design so ugly?

A. <Q. Can I use my old License Key with SnippetMaster version 2?

A. No. The system of licensing for SnippetMaster v2 is completely different. You will need to exchange your old license for a new license. See the instructions for exchanging your old license here..


Q. The source code is encrypted! What's up with that?

A.<Q. I want the ability to edit/change ALL the templates -- not just the header and footer.

A. I'm afraid that isn't going to be possible for a while longer. I tried to make the system as "flexible" as possible, however I'm afraid it just isn't possible right now for me to "open up" the middle template for editing. Eventually, I am hoping to allow this... but it will not be for a while. (ie: Until after a new design/layout is finished and I have seperated the "program code" from the "presentation code".)

As a side note, it IS possible to change all the colors and some styles. See the documentation for details.


Q. Is there a way I can automatically upgrade all the "snippet tags" in my files to use the new tag format?

A.<small change of messing up your live website files!

If you have many files, I recommend using a good text editor (like or and using the "search/replace" feature across multiple file.


Q. What will happen to the old SnippetMaster version 1?

A.<Q. Will you still offer a free LITE version?

A. Yes! I believe in free software that is highly useful. I intend to always have a free version available that meets the needs of most users.


Q. Is the price for the PRO version going to go up?

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