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Author Topic: Snippetmaster changes images path  (Read 3496 times)

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[-] Snippetmaster changes images path
« on: January 27, 2006, 09:10:22 AM »

Hi Henri

How is the work comming around on the new snippetmaster version? We haven't been able to give you much assistance there for some time due to a lot of work. It's of course good for our business but still we like your snippemaster and the hard work you are doing getting it right.

Now, however we have run into a small problem.

It started when we tried to upload a picture and snippetmaster simply refused. I can asure you we checked a lot. From 777 CMOD to spelling and so on. It still didn't work.

Second we inserted a picture and snippetmaster changed the path, very strange. This is how it looked:

Insterting the picure:  Se massage picture

After inserting the picture taking a look at the code:
<P><IMG height=84 alt="" hspace=0 src="../" width=112 border=0></P>
It should have been http://www and so on but instead it put an ../ before the http. We simply don't know why and would like to get some assistance from you on that.

Here is some facts about the installation:

PHP 4.4.1
Linux srv27 #1 SMP

We have a feeling that the problem can be in the fact that the path is not edning with but httpd.www but we are not sure.
The changes that snippetmaster do to the inserted picture we belive is related to the fact that we can't upload any pictures. It probably adds a ../ to that directory path as well.

Can we change any code to adjust for this or have you any other good ideas?

Thank's for a superb work on a very good snippetmaster program

Ulf Hernow

PS. We will send you the file by mail if you need it

* massage.jpg (26.77 KB, 126x150 - viewed 406 times.)
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SnippetMaster Author

[-] Re: Snippetmaster changes images path
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2006, 09:28:44 AM »

Yes, can you send me the file for your installation?  I'll check this out asap.  Please be sure to include a link to this thread... henri @


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[-] Re: Snippetmaster changes images path
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2006, 02:52:06 AM »

Hi everyone,
i had the same problem 2 weeks ago by setting a link.
it seemed to be a problem with apache 2.,802.0.html

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[-] Re: Snippetmaster changes images path
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2006, 07:33:47 AM »

Hi Luiggi

We checked up your interesting lead regarding apache 2 could be the problem.

Well, in our case it's not where we have the problem is using apache ver 1.3. We checked with 2 other hosting companies that we are using and neither was using apache 2 so we don't have any experience from apache ver 2+. The problem is most likely not related to the apache version since we both have a snippetmaster behaving normaly and a snippetmaster doing this stunt.

We are however grateful for your information abotu how to do a short and quick fix regarding links.

We will contact Henri tomorrow and se what he has come up with. Maybe, we can translate the fix of links and appliy it on our problem as well. We will however wait for Henri's solution first.

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