Upgrading From LITE to PRO

If you are currently using the free SnippetMaster LITE version and have purchased the PRO version, upgrading is very simple. You do not need to install any new software -- you just need to enter your PRO license key... and the PRO features will be instantly "unlocked".

Get your License Key

* If you have not already purchased the PRO version, you must do so now.

Your licence key is also included in the Registration/License emailed to you after the order process. If you no longer have this email, you can retrieve your license key at any time from the license management system.

[1] Log into your Client Area:


[2] Click the View Your Licenses link from the main menu on the left side.

[3] Click the View & Download button located next to your license.

[4] Copy your License Key. (Highlight the key text and press "CTRL-C".)

Enter your License Key into SnippetMaster

[5] Log into your SnippetMaster LITE installation as any user with Admin privileges.

[6] Click the admin menu link and then choose the "General" settings tab.

[7] Scroll down to the License Key section and click the Click here to change your License Key link.

[8] Paste (press CTRL-V) your new License Key into the empty License Key box and click the Save button.

[9] Click the logout link and then log back in to activate the new license key. The name of the program should change from SnippetMaster LITE to SnippetMaster PRO.

** Note: If you have a rebrandable PRO license, then your user will not be able to remove the license key once it is saved. If they try to remove the license key, the program will give them a generic message to contact you for assistance.